How to improve the comfort of container housing

- Apr 25, 2019-

The position of the door and window should be reasonable

The splendid light and good air environment are necessary conditions for a comfortable life. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of the container house, everyone will open the doors and windows in a reasonable position during the construction. It is usually ideal to open the window to the north and south, not only the house. Sunlight shines in, which can also avoid long-term exposure to the sun, which makes the indoor temperature too high, and the north-south facing windows are more conducive to ventilation.

The insulation layer should be suitable

Compared with traditional housing construction, the thickness of the container is thinner, and the metal has thermal conductivity, so it is weaker than traditional buildings in heat insulation. Then, in order to improve the comfort of living, it is necessary to use a high-quality insulation material when building a house with a process container. This will ensure that everyone feels warm in winter and cool in summer.

Do not open the kitchen

We want to make the container housing more comfortable. Do not set up an open kitchen, but also pay attention to the design of a reasonable exhaust pipe, so as to avoid the smoke in the room, resulting in indoor furniture and clothing are contaminated with smoke. In addition, use a tightly sealed and leaking pipe in the kitchen.