How to improve the comfort of container houses

- Nov 30, 2019-

Although the container house is also a place to live, in order to make people's lives more comfortable, when designing and constructing the container house, in addition to considering the solidity of the container house, the comfort of the container house also needs to be considered. Therefore, when building a container house, what measures can be taken to improve the comfort of the container house, it will be summarized and introduced below.

container home plans 01

First, doors and windows should be in a reasonable position. Bright light and a good air environment are necessary conditions for a comfortable life. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of the container house, the doors and windows are opened at appropriate positions during the construction process. It is usually desirable to open the windows from north to south. Sunlight also prevents indoor temperatures from becoming too high due to prolonged western sunlight, and north and south-facing windows are more conducive to ventilation.


Secondly, the insulation layer should be appropriate. Compared with the traditional house structure, the container is thinner and the metal has thermal conductivity, so the convenience of heat insulation is weaker than the traditional house. Then, in order to improve the comfort of life, when building a house with handicraft containers, it is necessary to make a thermal insulation layer and use high-quality thermal insulation materials in order to enjoy comfortable temperatures in winter and summer and cool in summer.

Third, when setting up an open kitchen, pay attention to the reasonable design of the exhaust pipe to prevent oil fume from spreading indoors and causing pollution of furniture and clothes. In the kitchen, a hermetically sealed tube having a high airtightness must be used.