How to identify the quality of container mobile homes?

- Oct 16, 2019-

The most important materials for container mobile homes are the channel steel for the frame and the sandwich panel for the wall. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of the container mobile home.

 1. The difference in channel steel is mainly reflected in the difference in the thickness of the channel steel. However, the surface of the residential container sold by some manufacturers is not much different, but the thickness of the channel steel is different, and the tolerance of the container for the resident is different. Some residents can stack three floors and can withstand more pressure, while some residents can only stack two layers of containers, and can not withstand the pressure brought by the three layers.

If the thickness of the channel is not enough, it will be easily bent when subjected to pressure, and the container of the resident will be deformed, thus affecting the service life. This kind of container activity room can't see the change in a short time, but after a long time, it is easy to show problems such as deformation and collapse, which may endanger the safety of people in the container movable room. Therefore, the selection of the channel steel for the resident container has certain specifications, and it is not possible to use the channel data below the specification due to the cost of saving the money, which is easy to present the problem.

 2.At present, the color steel sandwich panel materials on the market market are mixed, some are used for container movable houses, some are used for movable board houses, and the thickness of steel plates used for different use of color steel sandwich panels varies greatly. If the color steel sandwich panel used for the movable board room is used on the living container, the color steel sandwich panel may show a series of problems such as steel plate falling and rusting after a few months, and the resident container is damaged.

Therefore, container houses must use high-quality color steel sandwich panels, and can not use the color steel sandwich panels that do not conform to the standard due to the cost reduction, which easily affects the service life of the container.