How to identify the quality of container houses

- Jul 10, 2019-

1. Thickness of steel frame

Sometimes the layman basically can't see the difference of different container houses, but the bearing capacity of it is very different. Some container houses can be stacked three floors, but some can only be stacked two floors. If the thickness of the steel frame is not up to standard, there will be a phenomenon of bending, which will cause the container house to develop deformation, which will cause the house to collapse. Although it will not tell in a short time, it will cause an accident if it develops. Therefore, when choosing a container house, we must choose a manufacturer with good quality and professionalism to ensure the quality.

2. Quality of sandwich panel

In addition to the steel frame, it is also closely related to the quality of the sandwich panel. Nowadays, due to the rise of container houses, in addition to the different types of sandwich panels on the market, the quality is also uneven. The long-term use of poor quality sandwich panels will cause rust and parts falling off, which will greatly reduce the service life of container houses, so we must choose the best quality sandwich panels.

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