How to Find Good Quality EPS Sandwich Panel

- Jul 14, 2019-

EPS Sandwich Panel

EPS sandwich panel is a kind of insulation wall panels; also called polyester foam sandwich panel; it also can be used as roof panel. On the following, we will teach you how choose good quality EPS sandwich panel. Regarding the products technical, please pay attention the following parts:

1. Thickness of steel plate

In the market, have steel plate thickness from 0.18mm ~0.8mm, for EPS sandwich panel, we chose the steel plate thickness from 0.18mm ~0.4mm.

2. Steel Strip for cover

Before you purchase the EPS sandwich panel, please make sure supplier use 0.35mm galvanized steel strip for our panels, this way can make the panel much strong and easy to install.

3. EPS Foam Density

Eps foam density also have many choice, 6kg/CBM, 8 kg/CBM,10 kg/CBM,12 kg/CBM, 16 kg/CBM,18 kg/CBM. If you use the panel on prefab house, 10 kg/m3 density EPS Foam is enough for your project.

4. Degree Of Adhesion

The degree of adhesion for EPS sandwich panel is important; it is directly influence strengthen of the panel. Generally, the supplier should use the high strengthen glue with 10% extra than normal for the overseas market projects to avoid the damage of panel.

5. Plastic Film

For EPS sandwich panels, the supplier should use plastic film at least on 1 side. On one hand, the film can protect the complete surface of EPS foam sandwich panel, on the other hand, to distinguish the interior and exterior side for panel to avoid the installation mistake.

If you pay attention to above 5 parts, you will find good quality EPS Sandwich Panel.