How to extend the life of the container

- Jun 19, 2020-

1. Ensure that important parts are not squeezed by an external force

First of all, the supply container factory recommends that leaders first understand the characteristics of the container and the structure of various parts, such as the top beam, end beam, front end, lower end, and various displacements of it. The insertion and corner pieces are easily damaged, and the rear pole is squeezed by an external force. Brittle cracks are prone to cause overall damage or safety problems. Therefore, the first factor to extend the life of the process container is to ensure that important parts are not squeezed by external forces.

Second, take into account anti-corrosion work

Generally, the craft container is installed in the city building or the periphery of multiple cities, away from the predetermined location of the city building, so the international container needs to bear the external force and anti-corrosion work independently. The editor recommends that you first pay attention to its anti-corrosion ability, Whether it can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali substances, whether it can be used permanently in the normal environment.

3. Periodic make-up

A company specializing in craft containers introduces that although the paint of craft containers is environmentally friendly and durable, it will still cause the primer of the container to fall after long-term exposure to sunlight and high and low temperatures. Time to fill up the paint of the process container, especially if there is the only discoloration but no exposed metal sheet, it is also necessary to prevent the corrosion from affecting life.

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