How To Ensure That The Container Can Be Used For a Long Time

- Jul 17, 2019-

Nowadays container house is more and more common, but the container have a certain number of years of use. If you want to extend the service life of the container house, the most important thing is to take some reasonable measures, such as the following basic points.

1. The installation of the resident container house must comply with the regulations.

It is necessary to ensure that the container house is installed and constructed by a regular and professional team, so as to ensure the safety and durability of the container.

2. Choose the right container house

If it is a custom container house, you must maintain good communication with the manufacturer, clearly state your needs, container specifications, design drawings, and materials. The material is a key factor that directly determines the wind and earthquake resistance of the container when it is officially used. For a 6K span passenger container, 2.0mm 8#C steel should be used on the herringbone beam instead of 1.8mm 8#C steel such as 3K or 4K. Due to the large span, the bearing capacity of the 1.8mm 8#C steel is insufficient.

After initial decision-making, you must fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological conditions, understand the surrounding environment, and understand the climate in the area. If there is rainfall every year, will there be strong winds (above 6), whether there is mudslides, etc. It is very important to look at the site. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, develop the foundation plan of the container, and determine whether the roof, skeleton and wall of the container house need to be strengthened and reinforced. This directly affects the quality of container use in the future, which is not something that can be compensated in the future.

3, Emergency handling

In the event of an emergency, learn to do a proper emergency response. For example, before the rainstorm comes, it is necessary to do the drainage work around the container house, because once the water penetrates into the container house, the material properties of the container house will be damaged and shortened. The service life of the container house. Also, before the coming of the wind, it is necessary to arrange relevant personnel to do the reinforcement work of the container to avoid damage.

4. Do not change the structure of the container house without authorization.

The skeleton of the container house is a whole, and once there is a problem in the whole part, a chain effect will occur. If you want to increase or decrease the partition wall, you should first contact the manufacturer to obtain their opinions and board room information, and then contact the manufacturer. The light-weight steel structural parts of the container house are connected in the whole building. When the user arranges the circuit, the wire and cable cannot be directly tied to the steel structure of the container house. The wire tube or the wire trough should be installed separately to avoid electric shock. After more than 2 years, the exterior paint of light steel structural parts will age and fall off. At this time, the paint should be repainted to maintain the service life of the steel structural parts to avoid excessive rust and aging.