How to Control the Quality of the Prefab House

- Aug 21, 2020-

The safe use of the mobile prefab house to prevent the occurrence of collapse accidents, the following safety measures should be taken during the construction of the mobile house: the use of steel structure color steel plate mobile house, the structural strength, rigidity and stability, the steel structure board house price manufacturers are comparable Strict technical standards and comparatively strong technical strength, and the quality can satisfy the requirements for safe use of the construction site.

    Develop an equipment construction plan for the mobile house, and the manufacturer of the mobile house price shall be responsible for the establishment of the equipment. The user should check whether the equipment meets the quality requirements of the manufacturer’s construction plan rules. Correctly choose the activity room to establish the location. It is necessary to choose areas with good astronomical orientation and surrounding environment, avoid the loose soil sections near the foundation pit and riversides, avoid locations and open areas prone to tornadoes, and avoid the main wind direction on the front of the mobile house.

The building height of the activity room is the second floor, and it is filed with the safety supervision organization. Set-up personnel should wear safety helmets and fasten helmet belts. When hanging in the air, they must fasten the safety belts and buckle the buckles. They must follow the six disciplines of safe consumption and take their own safety precautions. It is necessary to inspect and check the materials used in the mobile room. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners and use shoddy materials.

The materials shall be inspected according to the standards and product quality requirements. The standards are as follows: The square steel used for the bottom layer of the steel structure color steel plate movable house pillar column is requested to be 100mm×100mm, the thickness reaches 2.5mm, and the square steel used for the second-story pillar column The size is 80mm×80mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm. The angle steel used for the main beam and secondary beam must be 30mm×30mm and the thickness is 3mm. The quality of the steel is requested to use national standard steel.