How to Choose Suitable Painting for your house

- May 15, 2020-

To consider the possibility of construction conditions, some suitable for spraying, some suitable, some dry film-forming, under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use a dry and easy to spray cold-setting coating.

Consider the structural conditions of use and the consistency of the selected coating range. According to the corrosive media, gas and liquid phases, high temperature and humidity areas or dry areas, for acidic media, the acid resistance may be better. Phenolic resin coatings, compared with alkaline media, should be made of epoxy resin coatings. Alkali resistance, in use, because the assembled box is a spliced house, it is more convenient to move, so if it needs to be moved, it is particularly easy, and it can be disassembled and moved into each box without moving the home facilities, and It is also environmentally friendly, and the Tianjin packaging box, which is very dominant, can be recycled, so it has been affirmed in terms of cost and environment.

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