How to Choose Quality Container House

- Nov 13, 2020-

How to Choose Quality Temporary Accommodation Container

Container Camp (9)

If you’re a construction company and now is looking living house for workers, kindly check the following container house advantages, you’ll get much useful information to make sure you find the better one with competitive prices.

First, the modular house is temporary product, its lifespan is around 25 years, its structure and wall panel is the most points to care, our steel structure raw material are galvanized, its thickness is 2.5mm, also we do paint for the surface, there are total two protective layers.

Next, the site camp most important point is the drainage system, now many suppliers still provide natural flow as following, it’s easy to make the wall panel rust and have many leak problems, so we change it to avoid the problem, we’re keen on making progress all the time.

Third, in the worker dormitory, we provide more intense purlin for the roof structure and floor structure to make the floor more stable. You know there are many heavy furniture above it, so the floor structure must be very strong.

Well, pls contact me if you have any container house projects, we’re sure to provide quality house.