How to Choose Modular Container House

- Apr 29, 2020-

                                       How to Choose Modular Container House

You can choose materials with high quality and low price, such as high-quality color steel plate, light steel structure, etc., with good quality and good quality.

First of all, the quality is good, the appearance can become more beautiful, more in line with the local environment is true and consistent.

If there is a need for fire protection, choose fire-proof rock wool board. Steel structure seems to be the main acceptance structure, no matter which link should be considered or weak, it will form a security risk.

Good materials need good equipment manuals. The foundation and the overall structure are firm, the connection is reasonable, there is no gap at the connection, and the waterproof and sealing performance is good, so you can rest assured and use the blame.

The door and window equipment shall be complete, and the surface of the door and window shall be clean, flat, free of rust and bruise. The rubber sealing ring shall be installed without side groove quality

The door and window fittings shall be horizontal and vertical, and the hole wall shall be reserved with elastic data. In order to meet the design requirements, there are necessary quantity, direction, embedding method and frame connection method. The opening direction of doors and windows, equipment positioning and other details should be standardized.

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