How To Choose a Right Container House Supplier?

- Sep 21, 2020-

Using container house to build houses is a new idea. It is green, environmentally friendly, time-saving, labor-saving, and flexible. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide people with more choices. Individuals, families, and even a company can take what they need. Houses made of container house can also be full of comfort, while being environmentally friendly and saving time. But how to choose the right container supplier?

1. Design team qualification

Having a professional design team is the foundation of continuous innovation. Excellent designers with rich container house design experience and cases, able to perfectly combine design and construction, unconstrained, brave and innovative, pursuing artistic practicality and innovation, and making your container building become a rare piece of art .

container house02

2. Production plant strength

Only if the production factory has the qualifications for legal operation and the standards of the site specifications can there be a basis for continuous production and stable supply, whether the factory has it. Having a professional, complete and strictly implemented quality production system is the basic guarantee for the quality of container products!


3. Selected materials

In the container construction industry, if you want customers to be at ease and worry-free, choosing materials is the key. What kind of supplier you cooperate with can see the value orientation of the enterprise or individual. To judge whether the supplier is reliable, you can see whether the supplier introduces the materials used in the container, whether it has key factors such as rust resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation performance.

container house

4. Service capabilities

First of all, we must have a heart to actively serve customers-if it is a supplier's problem, solve it immediately; if it is not a supplier's problem, we must immediately help solve it. Not only pre-sale product services, but also high-quality after-sales service, such as real-time follow-up of the actual construction situation, comments and precautions, remote technical support services and on-site service supervision, and regular return visits to customers.