How to choose a packing box room

- Dec 02, 2019-

The price is also different because the materials used are different. For example, some structures use 3mm, while some box-type room structures only use 2.0mm. The thickness of the wall panels of the packing box room is also 5 cm, 7.5 cm, and 10 cm. It also has the bulk density of the wall sandwich insulation layer, the degree of internal decoration, whether wooden floors are installed, whether the doors and windows are aluminum bridges or plastic steel. Packed box room price. At the time of purchase, customers should visit the site and compare a few more.
container homes 004The advantages of packing box-type rooms are also very many, a few streets away from general corrugated board welding containers.

1, Packing box-type room insulation, windproof, shockproof, moisture-proof, waterproof, leakage-proof, environmental protection, safe, fast and convenient moving, sensitive combination

2, The interior of the packed box room is completely decorated, and it can be used when it is externally connected with air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs.

3. The packing box-type house has a long service life. Now the standard of packing box-type house is less than 15 years.

4. Packing box-type houses can be assembled quickly --- it can be completed quickly and used immediately, and the cost can be recovered quickly.

5. Good drainage system for packing box house ---- structured drainage

6. Packing box-type room reaches the earthquake resistance level of 8. It has a sturdy structure and good load-bearing function. It can cover 5 floors. Wind resistance reaches level 11.

7. Packed box houses are suitable for post-disaster reconstruction, residential houses, especially in remote areas and harsh environments.

Packed box-type houses have a lot of room for development, not only for construction sites. Tourist area hotels, villas, and general residential houses will choose box-type rooms.