The difference between fast-packing houses and packing boxes

- Dec 02, 2019-

Quick-split container mobile houses are also called quick-split houses. The "packing boxes" evolved from the export-oriented container houses. It is different from quick-split houses in that the frame link is different. Quick-split boxes are The column and the top and bottom beams are connected by fastening screws, and the packing box is connected by the welding to the column and top and bottom beams. Therefore, the time for assembling the packing box is much longer than the quick packing box. Of course, the packing box is slightly better in terms of ruggedness and waterproofness. However, after years of practice and improvement, the packing box can also be completely waterproof and leakproof. Applications on the market are also much larger than packing boxes. After optimizing the design of the box-type room materials, it is gradually suitable for China's construction sites. Especially in 2017, many LCL houses were adopted on domestic construction sites. It is characterized by convenient transportation and installation, beautiful appearance and atmosphere, and can be made into a three-story high-rise building with good seismic performance.
Take the 3x6m fast-split container house on the domestic market as an example. The main material is four columns. The four corner beams of the upper and lower frames are also called (corner pieces) 8 corners. There are 64 screws that connect the corner head, frame, and column. 4 grooved plates. The bottom frame has 9 secondary beams. Wall panels and roof panels adopt double-sided color steel plates with intermediate rock wool insulation. Some high-end box-type houses also have special drainage pipes hidden in four columns, which improves the hidden danger of water leakage in the house. Unlike ordinary container houses, the current is scattered around the top. All frame profiles are rolled and formed by hot-dip galvanized steel, and the roof beam has a drainage ditch. It is a guarantee of the firmness of the house, and it also makes the appearance of the house more beautiful, giving a feeling of firmness and safety. Frames and corners are not made in ordinary factories. The frame uses a special forming machine to directly roll out the steel strip. The thickness varies from 2mm to 3mm. Has good resistance to bending and compression. Therefore, the requirements for the profile equipment are relatively high, and both quality and precision are required.

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