How To Choose A Folding Container House?

- Sep 19, 2019-

Folding containers have good economical value and are simple in structure, so they are widely used in various industries. Today K-home explains the advantages of folding containers. I hope the following introduction can help you.

The folding container is formed by bonding a steel plate and a polystyrene by an adhesive, and fully exerts the characteristics of different materials, thereby having good fire resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation properties.

If you need a container with better insulation, then polyurethane can meet your needs, because polyurethane color steel plate not only has good insulation, but also has a good flame retardant effect.

The increase in the prevalence of folding containers has also caused the current boom in the container market, but there are several requirements to be followed if designing a folding container.

In the 1950s, folding containers began to flourish in Europe, and in the 1960s they began to develop in developed countries such as Canada and Japan. Containers entered China in the 1960s. At the earliest, they were mainly used for temporary housing. With the development of products, folding containers were gradually used in offices, accommodation, schools, disaster relief, warehouses, etc.

Folding containers are easy to construct and disassemble. Folding container for easy lifting in the whole box. No need to do concrete foundation, 15 minutes to install, 1 hour to stay, connect to the power supply can be used. It does not involve brick and mortar and does not produce construction waste.

When the folding container is used for construction, it should be used on the ground for turning, cement and other materials as the bottom surface. When assembling, the nails should be used to fix the building materials. It should be noted that each board room can only be disassembled 2-3 times. The advantage of the splicing type is that it is cheap and takes a long time to use, which in turn reduces the cost of use.

The color steel plate and the color steel plate of the folding container are connected by metal fittings, so that the aluminum profile, the metal connecting piece and the aluminum rivet with a spacing of 200 mm2 are integrally connected, and the plate and the ground are connected by the expansion bolt and the grooved metal piece. Secondly, folding containers are generally used with transverse walls to withstand roof loads.

The flexibility of selecting the material of the folding container is relatively large, and the construction material of the container can be changed according to the user's needs. If it is intended to be a kitchen, the rock wool color steel plate material can be selected because the material has good properties. Fire performance.

The folding container is relatively reliable and the wind resistance is relatively superior.

Decoration is optional: it can be decorated inside and outside according to user requirements.

Also note that you should not change the planning of the board room yourself, and do not disassemble any bolt components. The skeleton of the board room is a whole, and once there is a problem, a chain effect will occur. If you want to increase or decrease the partition wall, you should first contact the manufacturer to obtain their identification data and then process it.

The installation of a fair exhaust system will significantly improve the air environment of the Jiade stacking container and greatly reduce the temperature of the container.

If the housing area is small, in order to expand the living space, the folding container has higher privacy requirements and the lower economic level, the thermal insulation board roof can be selected, and the plastic steel window and the thermal insulation wall can be used as peripheral maintenance products. These products are low in price and economical. The disadvantage is poor lighting and ventilation. If you open the sunroof, there will be better improvement.

Folding containers are less restricted by transportation, can be customized according to the size requirements of users, and the construction of two-story houses does not need to be based. This house is characterized by tailor-made features. Whether it is a factory under construction or an existing factory, if you want to increase the space of the office and control room, this modular container is definitely the best choice, avoiding a long construction period, no construction waste, no secondary decoration, save costs.