How to Check the Quality of the Container House

- Jun 24, 2020-

1. Observe the thickness of the 20FT container

As the name suggests, observation is to look at the appearance and thickness of the container. The appearance is flat and even, the thickness of the pen is uneven, and the compression resistance is better. The thickness of the container has international standard parameters. That is, the 20FT container reaches a standard thickness after the shift is considered qualified. However, it should be noted that it is not that the thicker the plate, the better. The weight of a 20ft container in my country varies. If the thickness of the container far exceeds the standard thickness, the weight of the container will increase, causing difficulty in handling.


2. Inquire about the material of the 20FT container

The material is just like the "soul" of the container. The travel of the steel's density, hardness, compression, and tension are mostly derived from the ratio of carbon to metal in the steel. The ratio is different, which directly determines the quality of the container! The high-end 20FT container must be superior in material, have a certain resistance to pressure, and it is not easy to be damaged by knocking, and it is not easy to paint off.