How to carry out the maintenance work of the container house?

- Sep 19, 2019-

Because the advantages of the container house are very obvious, and the price is very civilian, it is very popular, but we needs to remind you that in the process of using the container house, the maintenance work can not be relaxed!


The maintenance of container room fittings shall comply with the following rules: welds with serious corrosion shall stop rust-removing welding; the active link parts of structural parts shall be repaired with anti-rust oil after maintenance; when fittings and plates When bending deformation occurs, it should be repaired or changed in time; when the doors, windows and fittings are broken or damaged, they should be repaired or changed in time. Before the relocation of the mobile home within the regular period of the transfer, the main components should be stopped for inspection and maintenance, and the quality request can be used.


The relevant personnel of the organization shall stop regular inspection and maintenance of the construction condition of the temporary building. Disposal measures should be taken in a timely manner for problems and safety hazards found during the inspection process.