How to calculate the total area of the prefabricated house?

- Jul 16, 2019-

The prefabricated house is already quite common in life. Everyone is no stranger. In our real life, there are more uses. How to calculate the total area of the prefabricated house? K-home teach you how to calculate.

     1. The building area of theprefabricated house is multiplied by the length of the outer wall and then multiplied by the number of layers. The floor area of the prefabricated house is obtained.

     2. If it is an elegant activity prefabricated house, then the outdoor stairs and walkways are calculated according to the sum of the projected areas of the natural layers.

     3. The calculation of the awning area of the prefabricated house is calculated according to half of the horizontal projected area.

     4. In addition, the prefabricated house is built, and the sheet outside the wall is not calculated.

     5. The total area of the prefabricated house = (1) + (2) + (3).

     6. Two stairways in the standard floor, one on each side of the wall, each staircase 4.5CM2 increase or decrease the stairs according to this number increase or decrease. The price of each staircase is around 1,500 yuan.

     7. Unless otherwise specified, the calculation method of engineering quantity is adjusted according to the above calculation formula.

     The prefabricated house is a new type of light steel composite board room with reasonable combination of material and steel structure.

     A very good safety effect can be achieved. The specific data is strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above and typhoon resistance of 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses.