How To Buy Rock Wool Sandwich Panel?

- Nov 11, 2019-

Rock wool sandwich panel is a very common material, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and the two layers of rock wool board are 0.7mm thick galvanized steel sheet, which is very suitable for family and factory exterior wall, interior wall decoration use, then Do you know what you need to pay attention to when choosing rock wool boards?

  1. First of all, when we are purchasing the outer wall rock wool board, the first thing to pay attention to is the price, and the price of the insulation material in the market is not too different, and the rock wool board is different in terms of its tonnage price system. Small, if you find that the outer wall rock wool board you want to buy is too different from the market price, then everyone should pay attention to it;


2. Secondly, if you feel that the market price is similar to the price of the product you want to buy, then you can look at some models of the outer wall rock wool board. The general requirements for rock wool boards specified by the state are 1200mm*600mm. If you find that the required specifications are quite different from their conventional specifications, then everyone needs to be careful;

3. Then, pay attention to the density and thickness of the outer wall rock wool specification. Please remember that the rock wool board is not lighter, cheaper or heavier, but the price is relatively low in the middle range. ;

4. Everyone needs to pay attention to some manufacturers of external wall rock wool board manufacturers with good reputation and good reputation. The quality of rock wool board is relatively stable, but the price may be slightly higher, it depends on everyone's right. How much is the budget for buying rock wool boards.

Rock wool board is inseparable from many decoration materials. When choosing, everyone needs to have a certain understanding of the manufacturer. The above is some of the key points we have introduced for you today about rock wool boards. I hope that the above content will enable everyone to have a better understanding and understanding of rock wool boards.

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