How to Build prefab House

- Apr 24, 2020-

K-Home prefab house is a transitional house, widely used in dormitory, office, etc.

1. Steel frame of mobile home

The steel frame chassis is first welded with 140 * 50 channel steel, the square beams of the occupant mobile house with a size of 3m * 6m are all connected with square steel, the spacing is 35 cm, and the six columns of the house are all used with the roof four-sided ring beams It is formed by connecting 5 * 5 * 2.0 square steel bolts.

2. Splicing of color steel plates

The wall panel and roof of this type of house are all combined with a 50mm thick purification board. Both sides are white and gray. The standard size of the window is 930 * 1000. The door is a color steel plate door. The size is 930 * 2000.

3. Flooring

After the installation of the main structure of the house is completed, a layer of floor leather should be laid on the floor of the chassis, so that the effect is warm, clean and waterproof.

4. Installation of lighting facilities and air conditioning holes

The general lighting is installed in the middle of the house, the switch is installed next to the door, the socket is installed 60 cm away from the ground, and the air conditioning hole is opened diagonally opposite the door.

5. Install anti-theft net and seal the gap

Install the window anti-theft net in one step, and attach the waterproof adhesive for the window door and roof panel. The waterproof adhesive for the roof panel must use glass curtain wall waterproof adhesive, because the ordinary adhesive will be exposed to the wind and rain over time, and the waterproof performance can only last for half a year. The waterproof performance of glass curtain wall adhesive is more than 5-6 times stronger than traditional adhesive.

prefabricated labour colony

prefabricated bunk house

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