How to build a mobile board house that is both useful and beautiful?

- Apr 24, 2020-

How to build a mobile board house that is both useful and beautiful?


Generally, in our impression, mobile homes are found in some construction sites and temporary housing. In fact, many mobile homes are also used for renting migrant workers, but we have to ask that mobile homes are so ugly. The movable board room can also be built in this way, which is both beautiful and easy to use. Let ’s take a look at how it is built.

The characteristics of the mobile house are: disassembly and assembly at will, easy transportation and convenient movement. The mobile house is suitable for being located on hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts and river banks. The space-free activity room is hygienic and clean, the indoor facilities are complete, the stability and durability of the activity room are strong, the appearance is elegant, elegant, the insulation performance is good, the winter is warm and the summer is cool.

1. Temporary construction (fast installation speed, speed up the start of the project)

Light steel movable room

Light steel mobile homes do not need cement, brick, tile and other building materials like traditional houses. They can be assembled directly using mobile board room modules. Many building materials are saved, and the cost savings are high. The traditional method is used to build 100 square meters of housing. The time spent is ten times as much as the time spent in the mobile home. Material saving and short construction time are the obvious advantages of mobile homes as temporary housing.

2. Low recyclable cost

Because the mobile home is assembled, it can also be disassembled, which means that it can be used repeatedly. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete, it undoubtedly saves secondary costs, and from the perspective of cost, it is also more expensive than traditional The building is cheap.

From this, the mobile board room can indeed be widely used in construction sites, gatekeepers, newsstands, booths, offices, sales offices, classrooms, shops, cafes, exhibition halls, hospitals, dormitory, canteens, industrial plants, warehouses, parking lots , Simple work shed, single-slope house, mobile booth, mobile villa, reconstruction of disaster area, temporary facilities on site.