How Much Is The Container House? These Three Points Are Critical!

- Aug 01, 2019-

When people choose products, they are always concerned about the price factor. Flat pack container mobile homes, how much is the container house? K-home gives the following three factors for your reference.


1. Material Difference;

The materials are good or bad, the higher the cost, the higher the price, so according to the quality of the materials, our flat pack container mobile home prices are definitely not the same!

2. Area Size;

The flat pack container movable room that each truck can transport is almost 200 square meters. If it is 20 square meters, we will use a truck if we don't use a large truck. The transportation cost will increase!

3. Transportation Distance;

The farther the distance is, the higher the transportation cost, the installation cost of the workers, etc., so this is also a factor affecting the price of our flat pack container homes!