How Much Container House Cost?

- Mar 04, 2020-

With the rapid development of the economy, the serious impact on the world's environment has gradually been exposed, and traditional buildings have no longer met the requirements of green economic development. Traditional buildings not only consume large resources during construction, but also have a great impact on the living environment during long-term use.

As a new building material and structural form, the container house has a short integrated production period; convenient transportation, light weight, safety and environmental protection, strong plasticity, land saving, and energy saving; it can be moved, disassembled, recycled, and reused. Requirements for developing green buildings.


Strong plasticity, can meet different needs.

The modular combination characteristics of container houses can be freely combined in three-dimensional space (below three floors) according to usage requirements. Can be designed as office side by side, living villa, overlapping personality, hotel style, container house design is beautiful, modular design, has strong artistic appreciation, different styles of houses can be designed according to customer needs, or Choose middle, high, and low-end configurations based on your personal economic strength.

So how much is a container house? Compared with a traditional structure house, the container house has a lower cost. Depending on the purpose and configuration of the house, the price is different. The K-home standard 3m * 6m container house costs 2100 $ per It is easy to transport and install, and can be reused many times without construction waste. The recycling rate is high. The structure is safe and reliable, and can withstand 9 winds.