How is an container house better than traditional architecture

- Nov 30, 2019-

Container house is a popular decoration mode nowadays. Compared with the general traditional buildings, it is more convenient. So what about container house? Which is better than the traditional architecture? If you are interested, let's have a look with real house.

I. what is an integrated house

The integrated house, also known as the movable or removable house for many times, was born in the late 1950s. Its main concept is to process the load-bearing structure represented by the steel structure according to the design requirements by prefabricating the wall and roof in the factory. It is a building mode that can quickly assemble the complete house.

II. Comparison with traditional houses

1. After the end of the service life of the integrated house, it can also be recycled and reused, achieving the true sense of energy-saving, environmental protection and pollution-free, which are not comparable with the traditional houses.

2. The traditional concrete houses are not environmentally friendly, which seriously damages the ecological environment and reduces the cultivated land area. The container house is a kind of building mode that can quickly assemble a complete set of houses, which is easy to remove, convenient to store, and can be reused for many times.

3. The indoor usable area of the integrated house is much larger than that of the traditional house, because the wall thickness of the general traditional house is thicker than that of the integrated house. Moreover, most of the building