How Does Huoshenshan Hospital could be Completed Very Fast

- May 08, 2020-

This epidemic outbroke during the Spring Festival made Wuhan city that has attracted much attention. Due to the large number of patients and the limited number of beds inside the hospital, how to accommodate more patients became the most difficult problem in the early stage of the outbreak. 

The problem is tricky. There are several aspects of its entity, one is the space problem, and the other is the time problem. The problem of space is reflected in "how to accommodate so many people in a certain space"; the problem of time is "how to treat patients quickly and safely".

Prefabricated modular building is an emerging building structure system. This system takes each room as a modular unit, which is prefabricated in the factory. After completion, it is transported to the site and assembled by reliable connection to form the whole building. It can be simply understood that, according to the function and the number of units, the pre-assembled plates and connectors are pre-fabricated, and the units are combined like children's construction and building block toys into a building space.



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