How Does a Shipping Container House Compare to a Prefabricated House

- May 22, 2020-

A prefabricated house, also known as a prefab, is a house built off-site and shipped to the building site to be fully assembled. There, contractors can complete any finishing touches and connect the home to plumbing, electrical, and gas utilities.

Technically, all shipping container homes can be classified as prefabricated homes, since most of the manufacturing is done off-site and assembly is done on-site.

Of course, not all prefab homes are anything like a shipping container home.

To start, a custom prefabricated house doesn’t need to look prefab or ‘modular’ at all. The distinct design aesthetics of a shipping container home set it apart from traditional homes, while a custom prefab home can be built in different sizes.

But that’s not all. There are other distinct advantages to customizing your home from the ground-up rather than starting from shipping containers.

1. Transport cost

One 40HQ shipping container could load 10units prefab containers but could send one 40HQ shipping container only. The cost of transport is easy to compare.

2. Decoration Cost

After the installation, the light, window, door for prefab house, ceiling, PVC floor are already exist. no need to pay extra for decoration. 

So, it is a very economical way to choose a prefab house.