How can China build a hospital so quickly?

- Mar 27, 2020-

With the outbreak in China, our local government was required by the state to complete an isolation hospital, all design institutes, and medical production factories in 15 hours. We K-Home worked together to replace the solution and completed all the container houses in three days. 

Reducing patients' movement within the hospital will help ensure that high-risk individuals don't come into contact with others. Yet, it is inevitable that infected patients will sometimes need to move -- in order to access toilets, for instance. Medical staff, too, will constantly need the xiaotangshan Hospital abides by a principle it calls "three zones and two channels" -- the division of clean, semi-polluted and polluted areas, plus the creation of two separate channels for medical staff and patients to walk through.

Inside, it had an X-ray room, CT room, intensive-care unit, and laboratory. Each ward was equipped with its own bathrooms.

the first patient has been transferred into the hospital soon, until now, the house have been used for thousands of patients.