How About The Fire Performance Of The Container House?

- Jan 16, 2020-

As a new darling of the temporary housing industry, container houses have been loved by construction workers on the site once they are launched.

The container house is very convenient to move. We often see on the construction site that it can be easily transported with a crane. The price of containers is not expensive. Compared with the current high housing prices, the price of container houses is easy to accept.

The biggest advantage of a container house is its safety performance. The container house is very sturdy. It uses an all-steel structure and can weigh 2 tons. Even the gale of class 8 cannot shake it in the slightest. In addition, the fire resistance of the container house is very good. Because the rock wool sandwich panel is wrapped by a thick steel plate, even if the thermal insulation layer inside is on fire, the fire will not spread outwards and will not cause a fire!