How about the fire performance of container houses?

- Sep 29, 2019-

The safety issue is the first consideration for housing. First, to ensure the safety performance of the house, the rapid development of mobile   home products can be achieved. This is the same law for all products. Natural disasters cannot be avoided. We can only try our best to reduce safety risks. Fire is one of them, causing disasters for people's lives. Container-style houses are also facing the challenge of fire, and even better in the face of fire. Ordinary houses, which is why many Western countries use container houses as one of the main forms of housing.

    Traditional housing seems to be sturdy, but there are many unsafe factors that can greatly reduce the fire formation of the house in the design and construction of the house, but solving the fire problem is very important. Fire resistance is a very big challenge for container mobile homes. The safety performance is almost beyond the traditional housing form. The main fireproof materials or container materials have quite good flame retardant properties, so the container houses are superior in the face of fire. The material of the house is a non-flammable material. The material itself has excellent flammability and no toxic gas. It is very safe to use.