Green Modular Container Housing

- Dec 28, 2019-

Green Modular Container Housing

With the development of modern construction technology and the increase of high-rise buildings, the modular container housing industry has also developed rapidly. As a kind of green environment-friendly urban building, it has been considered as a key promotion project in some countries. Especially for an industrialized country like China, urban land resources are scarce and the population is large. When people are increasingly demanding living space density and environmental requirements, container housing is a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly building form. Will be the green house of choice.

Modular container housing has low cost, light weight, high strength, 100% steel recycling, and environmental protection without pollution. Loaded by columns and beams, the wall is a filled wall, which is smaller than traditional reinforced concrete structural columns and wall sections. In fact, it reduces the structural area and increases the use area and practical value of the building. At the same time, the container house can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the house, and has good earthquake resistance and wind resistance. Compared with concrete structures, its seismic performance is much better: first, the material has good ductility and strong seismic performance; second, its light weight, structural side shifts, and forces are not controlled by seismic forces, and It is mainly caused by wind load. Third, the structural system is basically not converted, and the vertical rigidity is uniform. A major earthquake survey in Taiwan showed that almost all buildings that did not collapse near the strong earthquake zone were steel structures. The container housing meets the requirements of industrial industrial development and sustainable development, and realizes the industrialization and industrialization of housing. It is suitable for large-scale production in factories and has a high degree of industrialization. At present, it has realized factory production and on-site installation, high degree of construction mechanization, and faster construction speed.

As a representative of green buildings, container housing has begun to take shape, which fully constitutes the conditions for scale development. It utilizes the advantages of light weight and high strength and the characteristics of industrialization, which greatly improves the engineering quality and safety technical standards, and finally realizes green construction. The real low-carbon and environmentally-friendly building will definitely start from the container house. It will definitely give people a safe, green and environmentally friendly home, let people live a happy life, and cast the glory of green and environmentally friendly buildings.

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