Future development of container board building

- Mar 27, 2019-

Is there a construction that saves time and effort and is green? Is there a living space that is both safe, comfortable and creative? Container board building gives people the answer. It adopts the container as the basic building module, adopts the batch manufacturing mode, and completes the structural construction and interior decoration of each module in the factory by pipeline. After transportation to the project site, it can be quickly combined into different styles according to different uses and functions. Housing construction (such as: hotels, houses, schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc.). Like new energy vehicles and wireless Internet, it is considered an important invention that has the potential to change the way people live their lives for the next decade. It is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient than traditional construction methods.

In the traditional construction method, the foundation to the molding must be piled up on the construction site, and the container building introduces the container elements into the prefabricated building system. It retains the container body concept and integrates the overall movement and lifting functions. In one factory, the single-person module's flow operation is completed in the factory for mass production. Only the assembly and splicing needs to be carried out at the construction site, and the building construction time is shortened by more than 60%. Instead of manual production, the mechanized production can replace the manual production method. The cost can be saved by at least 70%, and the site management, material storage and construction safety can be better protected. At the same time, the development of circular economy can be incorporated into its own strategic business, making full use of existing resources, using container steel columns and side walls themselves. The characteristics of the steel structure of the building, the free combination of the modular unit of the container forms the basic structure of the building, and saves the use of steel and concrete in the construction process to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection.