Foundation Request for Container House

- May 08, 2020-

Containers are currently the most popular occupant containers on the market. Since they are used for occupants, the safety performance is the first. In addition to the quality of the occupant container itself, foundations are also crucial to the robustness of the mobile home. So, how can the foundation be strengthened?

[1] First, the hardness test must be carried out. For special terrain or foundations, there is a large difference in hardness. Special treatment should be made to ensure that the occupant container can be smoothly installed and its quality is ensured. Technicians should make advance measurements.

[2] After completing the measurement of the foundation, the next step is the foundation pouring. The key point at this time is to measure the level first. After the pouring is completed, the level error should be controlled within 10mm. It should be noted that, in the process of explaining to the other party and after the foundation is completed, the other party must be required to ensure that the level of the foundation is within the error, so as not to affect the subsequent work process.

In general, the foundation is c20 and there is no steel bar. Of course, under special terrain or other irresistible conditions, the final plan should be determined according to the determination of the technical staff.

[3] Like the conventional concrete pouring process, the construction of mobile houses can not reduce the process procedures. After the foundation pouring is completed or before the mobile houses are installed, sufficient time should be left to allow the concrete to meet the hardness requirements.

[4] When making the foundation, it must be poured together with the indoor ground, and the level is the same as the foundation, so as to ensure the installation period, quality and aesthetics after installation. After the activity room is installed, lay the floor indoors, which is convenient and tidy, and will not affect the appearance and quality.

The horizontal height of the indoor floor needs to be 50mm higher than the basic level, so as to ensure that rainwater will not flow into the room.

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