Flat-pack Container House should pay attention to Fire Prevention Work

- Nov 14, 2019-


When using high-end packaging boxes, we should do a good job of fire prevention to avoid the threat to our personal and property safety caused by fire. Fire is a common occurrence on current construction sites. If you use a high-end packaging box that is made of foamed steel, then you must pay attention to fire.


Fire protection measures for high-end packaging boxes:

      1. For container houses that need to be waterproofed, it is strictly forbidden to use blowtorch on the house materials.

      2. Please do not weld the welding near the wall.

      3. Metal pipes should be used when laying indoor lines, and should be grounded reliably or refractory pipes. In addition, when it is necessary to pass through the wall, it should be sleeved for protection.

      4, the winter heating stove should be equipped with fire protection.

When applying this type of marine packaging equipment, it is more important to consider the safety between the cargo containers. Since the unit products themselves have higher costs, it is more necessary to carry out various aspects such as the properties and shapes of the cargo. Identification. At the same time, it is also necessary to select high-quality and safe shipping packaging equipment, and to obtain better cargo carrying effect by virtue of the carrying capacity of this type of equipment.