Flat Pack Container House Application

- Nov 29, 2019-

1. Commercial Application

Container houses make full use of the advantages of flexible combinations, convenient movement, and free decoration, and they can be widely used for shop, showroom, theater and

so on.

2. Construction Application

The construction application of container houses is mainly a container office. On the one hand,containers can be used as an office; on the other hand, containers can be turned into accommodation, shower rooms, and other uses.

4. Military Application

Khome's tailor-made container barracks are an outstanding example of the military application of container houses. The container barracks not only meet the time-critical requirements of the rapid maneuver deployment and rapid camping, but also ensure the simple use – ensuring that the bedsheets, telephones and other items in the room will not fall during the temporary transition.

5. Disaster Settlement Application

Container settlement houses have unparalleled advantages in the disaster area. The building form has good seismic and wind resistance, and the wall has a good advantage in heat insulation.

6. High-tech Applications

Container houses are not only used in residential and commercial applications, but also in the transformation in high-tech fields. At present, the domestic hot-selling container unmanned supermarkets gather the most advanced technical support in the domestic technology field, such as big data, biometrics, artificial intelligence, and many other technologies.

portable container house