Fire Safety of Container House

- Jul 02, 2020-

According to the inspection of the construction site, the mobile houses in which the construction workers live are generally separated by flammable materials. Each mobile room houses 8-10 workers. The ground is full of cigarette butts left by workers and the wires in the room Random pull, electricity is very irregular. In some mobile homes, the inspectors also found that the high-power electrical appliances such as rice cookers used by the workers were plugged under the pillow and under the bed. During the inspection of some mobile home kitchens, it was also found that the electrical wiring of the kitchen operation room was not protected by bushings, and the wires were easily burned by open flames.

   From the inspection situation, many container mobile houses on the site use flammable and combustible materials. It is common for workers to smoke, pull wires, and use electricity indiscriminately. At the same time, judging from the inspection situation, most of the mobile homes are not equipped with fire extinguishers. Once a fire occurs, it is difficult for people to extinguish the fire quickly, and they can only watch the fire grow. For these problems, many construction sites are lucky, thinking that fires will not happen right at their construction sites, and do not pay attention to fire safety. Some construction sites are not even equipped with safety officers, and they do not regularly check the fire safety issues, nor do they supervise and stop the use of high-power electrical appliances and indiscriminately pulling wires in workers in container mobile homes. For these construction sites, external supervision agencies are required to intervene, and these construction sites are obliged to investigate fire safety issues, do a good job in fire safety work, and ensure the safety of property and life safety in mobile homes.