Factors to be considered in the purchase of residential containers

- Mar 23, 2019-

1. First consider the stability of the mobile home. Due to the short construction period and the simple structure, the movable house must consider stability for safety.

2. In addition, consider one of his insulation properties, and choose the appropriate material structure according to your local climate to achieve the desired purpose. For example, in a cold place, you should choose an activity room with good insulation effect. Combine your needs to choose what you want.

3. When selecting mobile home products, choose a company with a large scale, a long established time, and a good reputation for trading. In particular, it is important to emphasize that when inspecting manufacturers, special attention should be paid to whether or not there is a production line of their own, taking into account the characteristics of building maintenance such as mobile homes, so as to better ensure the quality of the products, to obtain high quality, and to guarantee after sale. Mobile home products.

4. If you are because of the small housing area, in order to expand the living space, the activity room requirements are higher and the economic level is lower, you can choose the insulation board roof, plastic steel window and insulation wall for the surrounding maintenance materials. If you have a large housing area, you can choose the roof to open the moving container house.

5. Determine the appearance plan of the resident container house. The appearance of the choice of a good living container house is both beautiful and comfortable.