Environmental Protection Prefabricated Building

- Nov 07, 2019-

Nowadays, urbanization is very fast, construction sites are everywhere, and construction workers have a great demand for temporary housing. If a traditional building is used as temporary housing, there is a problem of long construction periods, high energy consumption, and high pollution. The steel structure prefabricated building can solve this problem.

The construction period of the steel structure prefabricated building is very short, and the skilled workers can complete the construction in one day. Because the demand for temporary housing on construction sites is generally tens of thousands of square meters, in this case, by building a steel structure prefabricated building, it can be solved in a few days. Moreover, the survey data shows that the emergence of steel structure prefabricated building has reduced nearly 40% of construction waste. According to the calculation of the loss of construction materials such as brick-concrete structure and reinforced concrete structure, the amount of construction waste generated in China's towns and villages is as high as 400 million tons per year.

The appearance of steel structure prefabricated building has greatly reduced the damage to the environment caused by brick and concrete structures, and the noise caused by building houses has also been reduced. Moreover, the demolition of the steel structure prefabricated building is convenient, and the re-use rate is high, which also reduces the waste of resources and saves resources.

The rapid development of cities requires a large amount of land. In order to improve land utilization, steel structure prefabricated building has become the best choice.

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