Dual-slope Mobile Prefab House Technical Solution Part 2

- Jul 11, 2019-

VI. The Building Design Notes

1. The project take double slope roof, slopeI=1:0.5, free falling water;

2. The open space of the house is designed with a standard modulus of 4m, and the partition panel is a color steel plate EPS sandwich panel.

3. The roof use 75mm color steel plate EPS foam sandwich roof panel, outside surface is red, Floor plate is 15mm chipboard.

4. The wall panel use 75mm EPS foam sandwich panel, both inside and outside are white with vertical socket connection.

5. The ridge, gable package edge, the edge of the window package are color steel plate, the color is white.

6. Door is steel door, window is plastic steel sliding windows, white glass.

7. The gap in the joint of the plate room is closed by the structural component, and the other small splicing gap is blocked by the silicone sealant.

VII. Steel production, installation

1. Observe the relevant national standards, procedures and acceptance standards in the production and installation of steel structures.

2. The stakeout, numbering, cutting, rectification, edge processing, machining, hole making, assembly and welding quality of steel structures are to be in conformity with the “Code for Acceptance of Quality of Steel Structure Engineering” (GB50205-2001) and Technical Specifications for Welding of Construction Steel Structures. (JGJ81-2002) requirements.

3. Steel material is Q235, its performance to meet the "ordinary carbon structural steel" requirements; cold-formed thin-walled steel should also ensure that the cold bending test qualified; manual welding, Q235 steel welding between the use of E4301-E4313 series electrode.

4. Welds between double-type steels can adopt intermittent plug welds. The length of each weld is 60mm and the distance is 400mm. Welds in the joint range are required to be fully welded.

5. Build a long section should be avoided in the Cross, in the end, and shall be fully welded and docking.

6. During welding, to prevent welding deformation, attention should be given reasonable welding sequence: symmetric, the hierarchical welding, soldering, welding, to avoid a molding, welding, shall take all effective measures to prevent or reduce the distortion, when deformed over the existing regulatory requirements, and must be correct, the weld should aim to achieve compliance.

7. Columns, flat beams, girders, purlins and other components are connected by bolts.

8. all components in the production of stress to find the size and hole position accuracy, in order to facilitate the installation and welding on site.

9. After steel structure is installed and subjected to stress, do not weld on the main force position.

10. When the components are transported and installed, measures should be taken to prevent deformation and damage. After the installation is completed, the damage parts shall be painted.

11.The manufacture and installation of steel structures follows the "Technical Specification for Welding of Architectural Steel Structure" (JGJ81-2002) and "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineering" (GB50205-2001).

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