Dual-slope Mobile Prefab House Technical Solution Part 1

- Jul 11, 2019-

Construction Site Office

I. Project Overview

1. Project Location

K-home prefab house project provided office space, located in the Xinxiang 

II. Design specifications and procedures

1. The engineering design of the norms and procedures

The Structure Of The Building Load (GB50009-2001)

The Earthquake Resistant Design Specification (GB50011-2001)

The Steel Structure Design Specification (GB50017-2003)

The Cold Bend Thin Wall Steel Construction Specifications (GB50018-2002)

The Door Is Just Light Housing Steel Construction Technical Regulations (CECS 102:2002)

The Pressure-Plate Design And Construction Procedures (YBJ 216-88)

The Construction Of The Temporary Building Technical Rules For JGJT (188-2009)

The Construction Of The Housing Application Technical Standards (DB11T697-2009)

2. The construction and materials should be based on the specification

The Steel Structure Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specifications (GB50205-2001)

The Construction Steel Structure Welding Technology (statute of JGJ81-2002)

The Welding Quality Assurance (GB/T 12467-12469-90)

The Carbon Steel (Gb/t700-1988)

The Carbon Steel Welding Rod (GB/T 5117-1995)

The Molten Solder Wire (A Gb/t14957-1994)

The Coating On The Surface Of The Former Steel Corrosion And Rust Rating Of Gb/T(8923-1988)

The Steel Structure Fireproof Coatings Application Technologies (statute of CECS24)

III. Design Notes

1. The roof structure is triangular truss and the roof purlin is 40mm*80mm square tube.

2. The floor structure is parallel girder, beam height is 300mm, floor girder height is 380mm, grate bar is C40mm*80mm*15mm

3. Both ends of the main truss of the truss and floor are linked with the steel post through screw connection pieces.

4. The foundation of 300mm*300mm Bar Foundation, speaking on behalf of the C20.

5. There are parallel beams under the columns and there are C-shaped steel connection supports. The external wall panels are fixed to increase its wind stability.

IV. The design load

The Roof Dead load 0.15KN/M ²

Dynamic Load 0.50KN/M ²

Floor Dead load 0.20KN/M ²

Dynamic Load 2.00KN/M ²

Wind load 0.60KN/M ²

V. Earthquake Fortification

1. The Structure Type: light steel frame structure, 2 stories above ground.

2. Seismic fortification intensity of this project: 7 degrees; design seismic grouping: first group: design basic earthquake acceleration value: 0.15g.

3. The standard of seismic fortification of this engineering building: Class B.

4. Design service life: 10 years.