Do you know? Real mobile toilets can't moving!

- Oct 17, 2019-

Since 2015, China has launched the "Tourist Toilet Revolution", which will last for four years, with remarkable results, bringing great convenience to people's lives. Some scenic spots and city streets, some are civil-built public toilets, while others use faster and more beautiful mobile toilets. Speaking of this, some people can't figure out what the toilets are obviously not moving. Why is it called "mobile toilets"?

Types of mobile toilets

First of all, there are many types of mobile toilets, there is a single mobile toilet, there is only one toilet seat; there is a toilet that can be towed away; and a mobile toilet with a bus. The other is what we often say, the kind of mobile toilet that can't move. This kind of toilet is called mobile toilet because it can be directly hoisted to the construction site after the factory is finished, and then fixed. When it is not used, or if it is required to be dismantled for other reasons, it can be hoisted to other places again. Therefore, we call it a "mobile" toilet.

The emergence of a large number of mobile toilets has solved the problem that we can't find toilets when we go out. Now in some cities, every mobile toilet is on the Internet. If you come to a city, you want to find a toilet, you can search on the map, you can show its location, and then go out and no longer afraid of finding a toilet.