Difference between T Type Prefab House and K Type Prefab House

- Dec 31, 2019-

K type house and T type house

There are two kinds of prefab house, K-type prefab house and T-type prefab house. Usually, the former is cheaper than the latter.

Other differences are as follows:
1. Installation speed. The K-type prefab house is 50% faster than the T- type when being installed. 
2. Stability. The T-type prefab house is more stable and stronger than the K-type house.
3. Size limitation. The K-type prefab house has a standard size, and the K-factor is the basic unit(K=1.82m) to form the length and width. The size of the T-type prefab house is not fixed and can be customized.
4. Steel frame position. The K-type prefab house has an external steel frame, while the T-prefab is inside.

The price would also differ from different sizes for each kind of house.