Difference between Prefab House & Container House

- Aug 09, 2019-

Both the prefab house and the container house belong to the prefabricated building. Many people want to know where the difference between the two is? In the end, who is better, let's analyze it for everyone today.

Firstly, the installation process is different. The installation of the container house is to first weld r bolted the bottom frame, then weld the entire house frame, and then weld the walls and ceilings; follow the laying of the floor, install windows and doors, water and electricity. The construction process of the prefab house is to first build the foundation (generally the reinforced concrete foundation); then the main frame of the movable board room, first the pillars, then the transverse beams to connect the skeletons, the upper partitions, the outer wall panels and Door and window frame; follow the floor, then put up a layer, then go up the roof truss and roof slab; finally install the doors and windows, etc., pull the vertical support. The installation process of the container movable room is simpler and has a unified integrity; the firmness of the movable board room is better.

Secondly, the connection method is different. The whole house frame of the container house is welded or bolt with steel. It is very strong and will not fall apart. It is more wind-resistant and shock-resistant than the movable board room. Moreover, the ceiling of the wall is welded or bolted and fixed on the frame of the movable room of the container. Such a structure is not easy to fall apart, and the wall panel does not peel off the leak.

Thirdly, the decoration is different. The floor of the container house is made of ceramic tile, wall, ceiling, water and electricity, doors and windows, exhaust fan and other one-time decoration, permanent use, energy saving and beautiful; and the wall, ceiling, water pipe, circuit and lighting of the movable board room , the door and window and other equipment require on-site installation, the construction period is long, and the degree of beauty needs more effort.

After various aspects, the difference between the movable board room and the container house is different, each has its own advantages, and consumers can decide whether to choose the board room or the box room according to the specific needs.

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