Difference between prefab house and container house

- Aug 02, 2019-

Prefab house and container house are the most popular temporary house in the construction site. Today we compare two kinds of houses according to their functions and prices.

Functional differences

The main materials of the prefab house are light steel structure and steel plate. The performance of this kind of house is much better than that of simple prefabricated house. The steel structure is strong and fire-resistant, and the waterproof performance has been greatly improved, which can meet the general needs of life.

The temporary dormitories currently used as construction sites can be built on a large scale and are suitable for large numbers of workers to live in.

It can also be used in disaster areas as temporary housing for affected people with short living time.

Container houses, which can withstand greater pressure and impact, adapt to more environments, and can be used under various conditions.

difference between prefab house and container house+difference between prefab house and container house+