Development of K-Home Prefabricated Container House

- Sep 17, 2020-

                         Development of K-Home Prefabricated Container House

Speaking of prefabricated houses, our first impression is the blue tin plate house. Indeed, this is our first generation of prefabricated houses. They are mostly used in construction site living areas, office areas, and accommodation houses for metro and municipal construction because of the low cost of building houses. The first generation of mobile houses are cheaper. Compared with civil construction, they are more suitable and quick to install. Some parts can be recycled after the completion of the project, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The feeling inside the house is obvious when it is windy or rainy. When the room shakes, especially when the noise is relatively loud, foam sandwich panels are mostly used for wall panels, which basically do not have the effect of sound insulation, and this material is flammable. K-Home’s packing box movable room has been developed to the third On behalf of +, the main material is galvanized steel/color steel plate, which is made by forging process, which can ensure that the house is still stable in the case of strong winds above level 9. The main material of the wallboard is rock wool. This material has a high cost, but it has very good thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance performance. It is a Class A fireproof material. The roof is made of rock wool/glass wool as sound insulation and moisture-proof facilities, even if there is heavy wind and heavy rain, the indoor environment is still good.


Beautiful and clean exterior walls


Good ventilation and lighting performance

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