Design Requirements of the Mobile Homes

- Jun 12, 2020-

The materials for mobile homes must comply with the relevant regulations and design requirements of the current national standards. If there is no corresponding standards, the materials should meet the design requirements, and there should be a factory certificate.

The materials of the mobile homes should be weather-resistant materials. The surface of metal materials and metal parts (except stainless steel and weather-resistant steel) should be hot-dip galvanized, inorganic zinc-rich coating or other effective anti-corrosion treatment, aluminum alloy material Surface anodization, electrophoretic painting, powder spraying or fluorocarbon spraying should be performed.

The materials of the movable room should adopt non-combustible materials and non-combustible materials, and the joints should adopt fireproof sealing materials.

Steel occupies a very important position in mobile homes, mainly welded with steel structure as the main skeleton, and the steel used is mainly carbon structural steel, in addition to low alloy steel and weathering steel. When carbon structural steel and low alloy steel are used, effective anti-corrosion treatment should be adopted. When welding between steel materials, the welding must comply with the relevant national welding regulations.

The wall of the movable room is mainly made of glass, color coated steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy material, etc. These materials require good surface processing, smooth and clean, and no cracks.

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