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- Sep 19, 2019-

In the impression of many people, there is not much difference between container mobile homes and mobile homes. In fact, there is still a big difference between container mobile homes and mobile homes. K-HOME introduces you based on years of experience:

In design, the container movable room design introduces modern home elements, and each stack is arbitrarily stacked, sealed, soundproofed, fireproofed, more moisture-proof, and more insulated. The design of the movable board room is on-site installation with raw materials such as steel and sheet metal. The performances of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture proof and heat insulation are relatively poor.

In terms of structure, the container movable room is a welded structure, which is firm and safe, more resistant to wind and more earthquake resistant. The movable board room is a mosaic structure with low resistance and encounters unstable ground conditions, typhoons, earthquakes, etc., and is prone to collapse.


In the decoration, the floor of the container movable room is tiled, and the wall, ceiling, circuit, doors and windows are decorated once and for a long time, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and beautiful. The wall, ceiling, circuit, electric lights, doors and windows of the movable board room need to be installed on site, with long construction period and large loss, which is not beautiful enough.

In the installation, the container movable room is the whole box hoisting, no need to do the concrete foundation, three workers, one day can be installed and connected to the power supply can be used. The installation of the movable board room requires concrete foundation, main body, color steel plate, ceiling, water and electricity installation, and the installation time is obviously increased.

container classroom

In terms of use, the design of the container movable room is more humanized, and the living office is more comfortable. It can temporarily increase or decrease the number of container movable rooms, which is convenient and flexible. The movable board room is soundproof and fireproof, and the living comfort of the living room is general. After installation, it can be fixed and can not temporarily increase or reduce the room.

In terms of cost, the container movable house does not need to be dismantled, and it can be moved together with the box, without loss, and repeatedly hoisting and moving, which is fast and saves money. The relocation of the movable board room needs to be dismantled and then installed. Each disassembly and assembly loss is large, the cost is large, and it can not be used after a few times of disassembly and disassembly.

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