Container Mobile Home is Usually a Separate Unit

- May 22, 2020-

Container houses are generally an independent whole, will only be lifted, generally in the factory has been installed, to the site is at most installed water and electricity, this should not belong to the installation of this range, safe and reliable on the right, 10 earthquakes are all right, because it is all steel structure. Technology in our country now is not very mature, second-hand container house renovation in Europe and the United States for many years, but in our country, there is this thing is generally developed, and then land use, urban management, water and electricity, these bad things to solve, put in some suburbs on the halls of nothing, in fact, the government can lead to some demonstration or test area, as the low-rent housing, if you can implement, might have a little effect, to curb property prices with other countries now put forward the development of sustainable development and environmental protection low carbon concept, because after these things scrap steel. But what goes to the government should cost a lot more. In fact, the strength of the individual can also do this business, the early investment may be larger, but the late income will not be too bad. But first, to get the right to use the land, there are the laying of water and electricity, more important is to pass the fire. Everything else should be small: hotels, low-cost housing, even an office building to rent out.

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