Container Manufacturers Teach You How to Properly Load Container House

- Mar 09, 2020-

Containers can be said to be an indispensable tool for export enterprises to export goods. A container service company with good service can provide enterprises with reliable and comfortable containers. Containers produced by well-selected container manufacturers can ensure the smooth delivery of goods. The choice of a container manufacturer is important, but with a decent container, how to load it is also important. The container manufacturer will teach you how to load efficiently.

Container Manufacturers Teach You How to Properly Load Container House

First, according to shape and packaging

According to the container loading experience of the container manufacturer, when putting the goods into the container, try to put the goods with the same shape and consistent packaging together, and place the heavy weight, thick packaging at the bottom, light weight, and insufficient packaging strength. For storage, some gases or liquids that easily leak out of the package should be separated into the cabinet.

Second, judge weight based on density

The container manufacturer tells you clearly that the capacity of the container is a fixed value, so when you load the cargo into the container, you need to be good at determining the weight of the cargo according to the density of the cargo. The weight is relatively heavy, while the weight of the cargo is lighter. This method of judging its weight based on the density of the cargo is a coup to increase the container packing rate.

Three, see the mark on the package clearly

As far as the container manufacturers know, some friends ignore the warning signs on the outer packaging of the goods when loading the container, for example, some marks are "flat, vertical", and some are "don't cause, light and fragile." These outsourced goods with reminder marks must be paid special attention when they are packed. They must not violate the placement rules on the packaging. They should be stacked as neatly as possible, and relevant measures should be taken if they need to be bundled or cushioned.

The above are some basic common knowledge and practical skills of container manufacturers for you. Whether you can load containers and whether you know some loading skills are the basic prerequisites for improving the loading rate of containers. Therefore, you must not only learn to buy quality Excellent containers, but also learn how to properly and efficiently load containers, so that can do more with less.