Container house renovation considerations

- May 10, 2019-

1. Waterproof treatment

The first thing to pay attention to in container design is the all-round waterproofing of the roof. Select the anti-aging and anti-corrosion waterproof material, extend the service life of the box, apply the steel structure waterproof glue to the crack, paste the non-woven fabric, and apply a layer of waterproof. The coating can make the gap disappear. If the gap is large, it can be filled with some polymer, and then covered with a layer of flexible waterproof coating and waterproof glue. Whether it is a hard structure or a soft rubber strip, the container house can be reconstructed. After the dripping water does not leak.

2. Insulation and cold protection

When the container is transformed into a house, it will generally be decorated and decorated with a non-toxic ceramic double-layered roof. The presence of the insulation layer can solve the temperature problem. The ventilation heating system is installed to make the whole container room look new.

3. Transportation

The biggest advantage of the container-renovated house is that it can be disassembled and transported at any time. Even if it is shuttled between the streets and the streets, it can be transported back and forth between different cities. It only needs to be transported and installed by freight crane or forklift. When selecting a container house, choose a population that is not dense. If it is unavoidable, it is recommended to consider dismantling the transportation or choose a folding container at the time of purchase.