Container House Protection Measures

- Oct 29, 2020-

The container house is currently a kind of temporary building with a very wide range of use. Because this kind of building is easy to use and easy to build, there is a large demand in migrant dormitories or outdoors. Xi'an provides users with leasing services, which can help users save costs. To improve the effect of use, in order to have a good user experience, it is recommended to do a good job of protection and maintenance during use, which can extend the use time.

Container house protection and maintenance methods:

Most of the container houses are rented on construction sites, and there is basically no maintenance procedure. Generally, the manufacturer returns to the factory for maintenance after the user’s lease period ends. During the use of the container house, attention must be paid to maintenance and protection to ensure that the container house can be used for a long time.

Protection of container house before use:

Before use: When the container house is not in use, what aspects should be paid attention to to promote the use of the container house for a long time? First of all, the sun protection of the container house, in fact, the sun is the source of damage, every day direct sunlight on any object can cause damage to the object. The container house is no exception, so you must pay attention to shade when storing the container house. Similarly, when it rains, you must also take measures to prevent rain. Similarly, water can easily corrode the container house.

Protection of container house in transportation:

In the use of the container house, the main fear is that obstacles encountered during transportation will scratch the protective layer on the surface of the container house. The container house will be easily corroded, reducing the overall life of the container house. Therefore, some obstacles that may collide must be avoided during transportation.

Protection of the container house in use:

In the use of container houses, fire-proof, anti-corrosion and waterproof measures should be taken. Fire is a frequent occurrence on current construction sites. If the container house mobile room you use is made of foam color steel plate, you must pay more attention to fire prevention.

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